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Needle Roller Bearing

Needle Roller Bearing
Needle roller bearings are cylindrical roller with a roller bearing, relative to its diameter, both the thin and long rollers. Such as needle roller. Despite the smaller cross section, has a higher load bearing capacity, therefore, especially for the occasion radial space is limited.

Needle roller bearing features:
1. High Speed
2. Can withstand high radial load (other than the radial bearings to bear the same size as the radial load large)
3. Can not withstand the axial load
4. Rigid higher

Small cross-section, but has high load capacity, so very suitable for radial space limited bearing configuration. Needle bearing has low section height and high bearing capacity. General USES needle keep type bearings is one in high speed of excellence, needle roller bearings it’s by special shape of high rigidity and precision can be proper guidance, the dimensional error is extremely low. Especially suitable for use in a small space, because they have other pretty high lube capacity, qualitative light and rigidity is high characteristic, can allow in severe cases use: such as high speed, impact load conditions, so use very extensive.