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Privacy Policy

5. E-mail

Please note that we may for the purposes of sending you e-mail and / or SMS: (a) as part of the Services to send you e-mail and / or short message.

For example, we may be in the following cases to send you messages; (b) upon completion of your registration email and / or short message telling

you the account details; (c) the services we provide to send you tips of mail and / or short message (especially if you have not used or shorter in

the case); (d) request to send you information or coupons; (e) sending information; (f) sending promotions e-mail and / or short message; and (g) to

provide you with related services. However, we may send information for marketing or promotional e-mail and / or short message, we will then provide

you refuse (or cancel) the service of choice.

6 Information security and preservation

We will follow our internal security policy and relevant laws and regulations to properly hold personally identifiable information. We will stop

using the data after 5 years to save the data. On the website and the information transmitted between users, although we will take reasonable

measures to protect the information, but we may be unable to prevent third parties from unauthorized access to the information or inadvertently

leaked during transfer. Contact the Web site the user should be aware of the risks that may exist.

7. In some cases transfer

If any sale, merger, merger, change of control, transfer of substantial assets, reorganization or liquidation, then we can decide on a third party

to transfer, sell or transfer the information collected on this site (including but not limited to individual proprietary and other information).

8. Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

9 This policy change

Please note that this policy constitutes an integral part of the website terms and you and we are part of an agreement. We can apply the law of this

policy from time to time to perfect. Any changes to this policy will change in the contents of this website immediately. We will change the nature

of the content, through our homepage, or e-mail (if you provide us with your e-mail) announced the change. In any case, after the change if you

continue to use this site, you will be deemed to agree to such changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this policy and modify in whole or in

part, please discontinue use of the site.


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